Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy 10th Anniversary.

When you get married, your 10 year anniversary seems about as far away as life in the nursing home.

I had BIG plans for my 10 year anniversary.
Think cruise ship.
Cocktails on the beach.
Me as skinny as the day he married me.

While sometimes big plans pan out, other times you're just lucky to still have some small grasp on your sanity.With a new job, a house on the market, 2 young kids, and an endless season of transitions - I had about as much chance of beach cocktails as I did winning the lottery.

The idea this year was to keep it simple.
Every thing else in our lives seems so complicated or up in the air.
I needed something easy - something good I could count on this year.
So the kids went to Grandpa's for the weekend.
(My little guy called when he got there just to tell me he went fishing for the first time. Oh Mylanta.)

We started our date by doing our annual photo shoot. My husband always reminds me of his extreme amount of patience with me while I try to shoot it exactly how I saw it in my head.

Next we had a big fancy dinner by the lake.
(Confession: Their dessert menu left much to be desired.
So we stopped by Dairy Queen afterwards instead.
Yep- total upper class all the way.)

Also that day, we stopped by the church we were married in - the church I grew up in.
The church where I prayed for the first time for Jesus to come into my life

I was sure our reception hall would be locked up & we'd have to reminisce from the outside looking in. But we were able to sneak in after another couple finished decorating for their wedding the next day. I have no idea who you are Cameron & Kaitlyn, but congratulations! :)

As we looked around the now empty reception hall which was so filled with love & all of our people the night we first broke bread together as husband & wife, my husband turned on some music.
He asked me to dance in the very spot we first danced together as Mr.& Mrs.
As we laughed together, recalling all those memories that came flooding back, I started to weep.
Thinking about 10 good, hard, loving years.
Thinking about the people who were there that night all those years ago who are no longer with us.
Thinking about how thankful I was to still be married & happily married to my guy.

We were sure someone soon was eventually going to come in & shoo us out of there.
But no one came.
And that dance floor was ours again - if only for that moment.

I didn't get the dream 10 year anniversary cruise like I had planned for.
My life doesn't look anything like how I thought it might 10 years ago.
But darn it if I didn't have my sweet, loving, steadfast Trevor who makes it all worth it.

Happy 10th Anniversary Love.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Racing. Georgia. Tattoos. And Sand Pits.

There was so much about today that I was proud of.
How hard my family works to put on this event of the 5K.
How many people continue to support the legacy work of my sister.
The people who show up year after year.
Some of them driving long distances just to say hello to our family.
It is incredibly humbling & is such an honor.
I never want to miss a chance to put our gratefulness out into the world.

The run was okay. Not my best time by a long shot.
But who can care about that?!
I ran my race. And I'm always proud when I do.
Along the route are the memories sprinkled across my childhood.
Thinking about my sister as I run & always wishing she was there with me.

Afterwards as I went to take my kids to lunch while my husband cleaned up, I GOT STUCK.
Of course this would happen to me.
Apparently what appeared to be just a smidge of sand was actually an old volleyball court that had been covered by weeds.
After getting a tow from my brother-in-law (I owe him big time) I finally arrived at lunch with a few of my high school friends.

I don't know how everyone feels about seeing their high school friends.
But can I just take a minute to say how fiercely amazing are the girls I still know from high school?!
I love them & I am so grateful to them for wanting to stay in touch with me.
For reading this blog.
For supporting my writing.
For letting me inside their lives & their world.
Even after all this time. (14 years later.....)
Some people might maybe have one person they talk to from high school.
I recognize how fortunate I am to have all of you.
I'm so thankful that we still find the time to get together.

So it occurred to me while speaking with my Auntie LeAnn today about my blog, I am behind by a few days for my #30DaysOfWriting project.
So here's to catching up. And running our race. And avoiding sand traps.

5. A Place You Would Live, But Have Never Visited

Savannah, Georgia. It's warm. It has southern charm. History.
Houses with wrap around porches. (It's my dream to have a house with a porch swing. I blame the movie "The ButterCream Gang." Totally.)
And accents.
Also so I can start using the word y'all & get away with it.
We'll send you a postcard when we get there.....

6. Someone Who Fascinates You & Why.

I'm always fascinated by women who seem to have a really good balance of work & family.
I want to know your secrets.
I'm also drawn to people who take beautiful pictures of the everyday.
From a person who appreciates the extra fine details in pictures - thank you!
(Blog shoutout to Hilary P. & Amanda S.)
I love lurking on people who are extremely successful in their given field.
It's obvious it's always an inner drive of passion that gets them to where they want to be.
It's the so-so hum-ho people who never quite reach those same levels of success.
Or people who travel a lot.
Also people who do a lot of good in the world & never boast about it.

P.S. I'm always fascinated by whatever Princess Katherine is wearing.

7. What Tattoos You Have & If They Have Meaning

Thank goodness I didn't do a post on just this by itself.
Because it would be pretty boring.
Mostly because I have zero tattoos.
My baby sister & I once considered getting matching tattoos of something in honor of my sister who passed away.
We never did it though.
And I'm kind of okay with it.
It's not that I hate tattoos.
But if they are showing in the business world, I've watched women struggle to try to compensate or have to work harder to overcome people's perceptions of them simply because of their tattoos.
It's not fair or right by any means, but being a woman in business is hard enough.
Making life harder just doesn't seem appealing honestly.

I'm kind of a fan of tattoos that people cannot see or know you have.
It's kind of like a sexy little secret you keep all to yourself.
That's more my idea of a tattoo.
I'm pretty sure I might seriously rebel at 40 & go tattoo crazy just to prove to myself I'm still young & hip.
Until then though.......
Cue the Jordin Sparks song.....

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ten Things.

Truth be told, I was relieved to get through yesterday's post.
The writing prompt was literally the only prompt of the entire #30DaysOfWriting I was actually scared of.
I nearly said no to the entire thing just because of this one topic.
I was sweating. Is it warm in here?
I sent over my first draft to my best friend who was physically present for each gory detail.
She needed to help me with proper editing.
She vetoed all the minor, too personal details that are just best left unsaid.
I prepared my husband for what he was going to be reading.
(He's so awesome guys. So supportive & encouraging. I don't deserve him.)
Is anyone else seriously just SWEATING right now?!.
First kisses & First loves can be tricky subjects to approach.
Thanks for all your responses to that one.
I'm glad the post brought you back to that sweet time in your own life.

Today's post is waaaaay less intense. (Thank you Baby Jesus.)

Ten Interesting Facts About Yourself


1. I seriously enjoy eating the same things, watching the same movies, listening to the same songs - over & over again.

2. I eat ice. Every. Single. Day.

3. I've never owned a designer handbag.

4. Every single person when they first meet me assumes I am an extrovert.

5. I have recently discovered the hidden joy of mojitos.

6. I'm secretly judging you for your manners, how you treat the waitress, & how many times you look at your phone during our conversation.

7. I never show up to a party empty handed.

8. I can sing the entire theme song to "Golden Girls" - word for word.

9. I don't trust people who are not humble.

10. I sing to my dog every night. He clearly loves it.